That is what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks. And it is not getting any easier.

Letting my baba cry until he falls asleep is not my idea of fun.

But all the “nice” ways of sleeptraining just didn’t work. I tried the baby sense way, the baby whisperer way, and now I’m on oldschool, put baby in cot, say goodnight/naptime, and leave baba to cry himself to sleep.

Very cruel, but effective, I hope.

One thing I haven’t mastered is sleeptraining in the middle of the night. Due to all kinds of circumstances, from about 3 months old, whenever he woke up at night, I would just put him in my bed, pop the boob in, and get some much needed sleep. Needless to say, I’ve created a monster. Knowingly. Lovely.

So the past few nights I go to bed with the best of intentions, but then when he wakes up at about 12 for the first time, I breastfeed him, thinking he might be hungry, and then put him back in the cot. When he then wakes up the second time at about two, I’m either to tired to care, or just plain gatvol, and I go back to my bad habit – in my bed, on the boob.

BUT, even then he doesn’t sleep peacefully. He moans every hour or two. Not every night, but definitely every second night.

So tonight I have to work late, it’s allready almost midnight, baba has allready been awake once before, and now I’m sitting breastfeeding again. I have a lot to finish tonight, so I’m thinking I’ll just stay awake, and do this sleeptraining thing. When he wakes up again, I’m coming in to reassure him, but then after that he is on his own. Even if he cries. *not so sure if I’ll have the willpower, but I’ll try*

I have to get him to sleep through, and in his cot, until morning.

He started crawling 2-3 weeks ago, and on thursday morning after bootcamp, I was in the shower, and he was in my bed asleep. Well, the next moment I heard he was awake, and as I got out the shower, he was at the edge of the bed allready! Crawled there in an instant! My heart nearly jumped out of my chest.

So it is time. Time to try and fix the little monster I have created.


Wish me luck.

Ps it is now morning, and I’m happy to report baba slept in his own cot until just after 7, he did wake up at 12, and 3, but went back into cot everytime. Whooohooooooo. Let’s hope I can do the same tonight.

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4 Responses to sleeptraining

  1. Sharon says:

    I hope you get the sleep training thing sorted, you will feel so much better if you can get a good nights sleep. Good luck I will keep you in my prayers and pray it happens sooner rather than later :-)

  2. Louisa says:

    Sounds rough my friend – good luck!

  3. Oh I see indeed you have blogged and I missed it! Ah girl, you know I can not comment on sleep training and a good sleeping kid. But I do know why I failed with L – he simply can not sleep like a “normal” child should. Good luck.

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