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I received my very first ever blog award from mandi, megan and tanya! I feel super special, and very honoured!

7 things about myself:
1. I love chillies, love love love love.

2. When I cook, I have a running commentary in my head, Nigela/Jamie-like.

3. I love cigarettes more than anything, except God, my children and hubby.

4. I love a glass of good wine at the right moment.

5. I’m trying to cut out starchy foods, like bread and pasta, and it is not as hard as I thought it would be.

6. I love Sunrise more than Sunset.

7. I miss the Ocean, I think I was meant to live on the beach somewhere, and don’t really know what I’m still doing in Joburg.

I don’t think I even read more than 15 blogs, so to choose 15 new ones is impossible, but actually these 15 blogs are new to me, as I only started reading blogs last year :)

1. Gina aka Sproutsmom- I read her blog from start to finish, as I do most blogs I discover, and loved it. Mommy to two beautiful children.

2. Mandimadeit – one of my bestest newest twitter friends, I was hooked on her blog about darkest africa, and now about all her handmade goodies, an amazing mommy to her two boys.

3. Bananaramagirl – my other bestest newest twitter friend, loved her blog about pregnancy and love, and now about life with baby, beautiful mommy to a little princess, and career woman of note ;)

4. Cybersass – the first blog I ever read, back in the good old days when I first discovered Twitter, and her blog got me hooked for life on blog reading. An amazing actress, and stunning woman, and now fellow designer.

5. Baldy – because he is my brother, and because his Wordless Wednesdays make every week worthwhile. If he can just start blogging again, it would be nice.

6. Alet- loved the drama of her blog with maintenance court, life of a single mom, then meeting the love of her life, and now getting married.

7. Meganstow – the angry, rocker chick with the same taste in music and books as me, mommy to Shae, and almost mommy to #TheMunchkin, (now that I’m finished at last with this post, weeks after I started, Emma has been born, and is just beautiful), can’t wait to meet the newest Twitter baba.

8. Fairygirl- mommy to the three most beautiful children, and maker of the most amazing Tranquil Body Treats

9. Louisa – just because I love her blog, and we’ve been through all the glory of camping together as Voortrekker friends ;)

10. Cat@jugglingact – a lady I really really really want to meet IRL, and mommy of three beautiful kids, juggling life and love and happiness

11. Pinkhairgirl – the ultimate earth mother

12. Jessicagiggles – bubbly beautiful girl, just like her blog.

13. Caz – mommy of two beautiful little girls, her blog is just so honest and open, and I discovered it in a time in my life when I needed it the most (cryptic I know, but I think she understands)

14. Wenchy- the second blog I started reading, love love love this woman, and love her love of purple, I also love purple ;)

15. Tanya(beagle-momma) – bride-to-be, dog-mommy and inspiring writer, such a nice and pretty girl

16. Tamiya (formerly known as Boobahsmom)- one of the first blogs I started reading, with her two A’s, and disfunctional in-laws, you’ll love her blog :)

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5 Responses to blog awards

  1. Louisa says:

    Yay! Thank you. :-)

  2. tanya says:

    Catching up on blog reading :) thank u for the award!! :) love reading random facts about bloggers and a short description of how they view otHer bloggers.
    Nice post :)
    *comment posted via my beloved blackberry*

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