day 24 -make a playlist to someone, and explain why you chose all the songs (song title and artist)

To my two beautiful sons

I love music, always have and always will, and certain songs are special to me because of the memories they hold.

Buttercup baby – if I had a themesong, this would be it, not because of the lyrics, but because of how happy the melody make me, it makes me want to dance and jump.

Karenzoid – afrikaners is plesierig – makes me think of my first friend ever. Nursery school.

Battery 9 – oom kosie – makes me think of my second friend ever, Annami, we had some good times on this music ;) going away for the weekend with friends, and lying to our parents about it in the december of 1995. I hope you never lie to me!

The Cure – Friday I’m in love – I love The Cure, and this song was on the first album I owned of them (Wish). In st 7 on a voortrekker camp I met two of my best friends ever, Lenka and Gina, and that year Lenka gave me this album as a birthday present.

Dave Matthews Band – Crush – the best lovesong ever, I hope for you both, that one day you can feel like this about a girl, and I hope I’ll like the girl!!

Googoodolls (spelling?) – Iris – when my mother died in 1999 this song was a hit, and whenever I hear it it brings back those feelings of utter despair. I still miss her from time to time, and so wish you could’ve known her.

Roxette – Listen to your heart – my primary school years with my friend Charlie, we went on a sea holiday together in st 5, and this song always make me think of surfers, sea and her.

U2 – anything by them – when I hear U2, I think of your uncle Nic who passed away in 2006, Clivie’s dad. He was so much fun, and he would’ve loved you both so much.

Dave Matthews Band – anything else by them, and I think of Cobus, my best boy friend, especially just after studying, in 1998, driving around at night, listening to this, and talking each other’s ears off.

Ray Lamontagne – Trouble – the most beautiful voice, ok, probably the third most beautiful, but what a guy. This song makes me think of a night of lots of red wine and Dee.

David Grey and Coldplay – us girls went on a holiday to Crystal Springs in 2000, a winter getaway with lots of wine, card games and fires. When I hear anything by them I miss Ilze ( mommy’s friend that stays in London) with my whole heart.

Pixies – where is my mind – makes me think of Cenzia and The Fridge

Abba – dancing queen – Idele and a crazy day on the Elephant walk in Knysna

Goldfish – tandi, and her wedding day, with too much bubbly

Softcell – tainted love – 1998

Suzanne Vega – 1997

The boo radicals – can’t remember the song – but the first year after my mom died

Sisters of mercy – temple of love – happy dancing times

Joy division- love will tear us apart – just because

Cake – perhaps, perhaps, perhaps – laughing with Tandi

The Cure- mintcar – an old favourite

The Cure – lovecats – some more dancing

Kings of leon – sex on fire – elria’s wedding and lots of fun with Christa and Christo

James – insecure – everytime I feel out of sorts, I listen to this

Heather nova – love this girl

Tori amos – matric

Porter’s head – 2000

Stuck in the middle with you – fun with Christa and Elria, and also this song -
Little green bag – Tarantino connection / reservoir dogs soundtrack

And this is such a fun idea, I might do another longer playlist/blogpost in future, I’m just running out of time here, because I’m soooooo behind with my 30 days meme :)

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