weigh less 2

Tomorrow evening I have to go for my first weigh-in, oooooooeee, I hope I lost something! I’ll settle for 200gr even! Can you imagine how embarassing it will be if I lose nothing!!! I’ll be mortified to say the least! I don’t know if these public weigh-ins are a good idea anymore, as you can see, I’m really nervous!

I ate according to the diet the whole week except 1) saturday night I was at a 30th, and could not resist the pudding – peppermintcrisp tart :( (but I had no alcohol or caffeine)
2) Sunday evening I had a teeny tiny small bowl of potato crisps, I was tired and moody, and when my husband opened the pack, all resistance crumbled.
3)Tonight I craved cake or cookies like never before, so I settled for a cup of hot chocolate, made with water and a little bit of skim milk.

So cross your fingers, hold your thumbs, and sommer just wish me luck for tomorrow! I’ll let you know just how embarassed I was!

Good night :)

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3 Responses to weigh less 2

  1. Alet says:

    Hope it went very well :)

  2. Fairy Girl says:

    You go girl, good luck. I admire you, coz me and dieting just don’t seem to be pals.

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