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I’m reading JessicaGiggles’s blog from start to finish at the moment, and saw this blogpost about 101 facts about her. So I wonder if I’ll be able to think up 101 useless facts about me?

Here goes:
0. I’m seriously technologically challenged, so I don’t know how to link back to her blog, can anyone give me some lessons please?
1. My little toe is just that – little. I have very long other toes, and then a really tiny little toe.
2. I’m really good at breastfeeding. I just decided before I had my first child that statistically it will work for me, because everyone else that I knew struggled with it, I should have it easy, and i did and still do.
3. I also have just one living grandparent, my father’s mother, Ouma, and I love her sooooo much. It freaks me out to imagine her not being there one day.
4. I drive a 1984 380SE Mercedes, a real pimpmobile, and I ADORE my car, I feel just as cool as someone driving a SLK.
5. I have two dogs and a cat, and the Chow (Leo) and the cat (Jelly) look like brother and sister, they have the same cream coloured fluffy hair.
6. I’m scared of the dark. Always was, and always will be.
7. I can fall asleep within 2 seconds flat. It irritates the living shit out of my husband as he’s an insomniac.
8. I love alternative music, The Cure, Sister of Mercy, Joy Division, you name it, I like it.
9. I love my job.
10. I hate that I don’t always make enough money with the job that I love so much.
11. My birthday is on the first day of December.
12. I love cocktails, any colour or any kind, I love them.
13. I know nothing about wines, except that I enjoy Shiraz.
14. I only access the interweb from my Blackberry, anything I can’t access that way is not worth looking at.
15. Purple is my favourite colour (just like Wenchy)
16. Going to the hairdresser is one of my favourite passtimes.
17. In winter I love wearing scarves.
18. I feel most comfortable when I see my shadow and she has two pigtails, thus I’m forever wearing my hair in pigtails.
19. I once stitched right through my finger with my sewing machine, and yes, it is as sore as it sounds.
20. I’ve broken my right arm twice.
21. I hate wearing earrings, and never do, but I have a total of 6 holes in my ears.
22. Long ago I had a tongue piercing, and would love another one
23. I have kankles.
24. The hair on my legs are so fine I don’t really even have to shave it.
25. I don’t mind washing dishes, but I hate ironing and vacuuming.
26. I find beading very therapeutic.
27. I sleep with a bra on.
28. I easily get up early, but prefer if I don’t have to talk to anyone for the first hour or so.
29. I smoke. And I love it. I cannot imagine myself ever not smoking. Disgusting habit, I know.
30. I am addicted to coffee, I can’t function without that first cup in the morning
31. I’ve discovered a whole new world out there with twitter and blogreading, love it.
32. I LOVE reading. I’ll read anything – books, blogs, magazines, give me words, and I’ll read them
33. Husband and I been together 12 years
34. 12 is my favourite number, it’s also the most beautiful number.
35. I was a Voortrekker until after school, and was a Presidents verkenner in matric.
36. If I could choose again I would study Civil engineering.
37. Minced meat is my comfort food, in any form – lasagne, spaghetti bolognaise, meatballs, cottage pie.
38. Nothing completes winter like Gluwein.
39. I would like to have 4 children, but for now have to stop at two, because it’s all we an afford.
40. I prefer to drink water rather than colddrinks.
41. I’m really close to my siblings, I’m one of four children.
42. My mother passed away 11 years ago. I still miss her.
43. My dad’s new wife is a really amazing granny to my children.
44. Bootcamp is the best form of exercise for me, you just pitch up every morning, torture yourself for an hour on someone’s instructions, and go home again. So easy.
45. My favourite holiday destination is anywhere at the coast, give me sand and sea and I’m happy.
46. I’ll give up chocolate before I give up my domestic helper.
47. I don’t know what a rss feed link is, I have to ask my brother @baldy_za what it is…
48. If I tickle baba-V’s toes, he laughs at me
49. I’m VERY anal about the way my coffee is made, it has to be a certain colour for it to taste perfect.
50. On that note, I’m not a coffee snob at all, I actually prefer Ricoffy, made with 2 1/2 heaped teaspoons and 1 sugar, and 1 1/2 milk.

I can’t believe I’m halfway!

51. I fell this morning at my son’s school, and now have a bloodblister under my toe, AND IT FREAKS ME OUT!!!
52. I write on my hand if I need to remember something. Right now on my hand – 11:00 – a reminder to call my MIL who’s in ICU after a back-op.
53. I used to walk barefoot all the time, until I stepped on a piece of glass in a club. Now I wear shoes. Does flipflops count as shoes?
54. In winter I only wear my Cat takkies, I stand the whole day, and they’re reaaaaaally comfortable.
55. I used to be a winter-lover, now not so much, I’m very relieved spring is here at long last.
56. I love handbags. Really love handbags! I own about 30 or more, and every birthday that is the only item on my wishlist. I can’t resist a beautiful bag.
57. I’m tall. 1.79m
58. My feet grew from a size 6 1/2 to a size 8 after my first pregnancy. Weird, I know…
59. I have no idea what colour hair I have, I always colour it.
60. I only have 22 teeth in my mouth.
61. My husband and I will be married for 4 years on 23 september.
62. My wedding ring doesn’t have a diamond, it has an aquamarine, a big one:)
63. I don’t like diamonds
64. My favourite movie of all times is Tortilla Soup.
65. My favourite song is Crush by Dave Matthews Band
66. My favourite sunset – Luderitz in Namibia.
67. My favourite time of day – very early morning
68.My favourite program on TV – Grey’s Anatomy
69. I have two best girl friends, and each one understands a different part of me.
70. And then I have another best friend – a guy, and he understands even another part of me.
71. I have about 10 friends that I count as super close friends, as in Super close friends
72. I sucked my thumb until I was about 8 years old.
73. I think I’m ready for my first tattoo.
74. I adore my new twitterfriends
75. I’m kind of addicted to twitter
76. I was invited twice to participate in the Lyon’s international fashion awards for young designers
77. I wear glasses. And no, I don’t like contacts. Anyway I look weird without glasses, so I will never swap them for contacts.
78. I lost my sunglasses somewhere in my house on saturday, and I still can’t find them.
79.Green used to be my favourite colour until 12 years of green school uniform killed that.
80. I have parquet flooring in my house.
81. I have a lovely garden
82. Favourite flower- toss up between iris and frangipani
83. I like playing sudoko
84. I have to always have a lighter with me.
85. I have a yellow toothbrush.
86. My hair tangles badly, so I try to only wash it every third morning.
87. I can iceskate, but I suck at cycling.
88. I loved taking photo’s at those little booths that don’t exist anymore.
89. My first time in an aeroplane was when I turned 26, and it was just me and the old pilot in a Tigermoth.
90. My second time in an aeroplane was when my dad and I flew to CT for lunch at the Mount Nelson for my birthday.
91. My third and fourth time was to and back from Mauritius, for my honeymoon.
92. I haven’t been up in the air since. Just haven’t had the chance again.
93. I put cream on my whole body every morning.
94. I can cope on almost no sleep, but only for a few days.
95. My husband regularly spoils me with gifts of underwear.
96. In summer I love swimming
97. I always listen to 5fm while working.
98. I so don’t have green fingers, if it is not a very hardy plant, I’ll kill it.
99. I love the smell of Jasmine and yesterday/today/tomorrow.
100. This is not so easy as I thought it would be.

That is all.

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5 Responses to stolen from JessicaGiggles

  1. EbenvR says:

    Interesting – Bet you, you wouldn’t have made it to 21 if your husband were in the country!

    He just luuurvvveees that Blackberry doesn’t he?

  2. And I am the 4th of December! No wonder I liked you so much instantly. And I am a coffee snob.

  3. Louisa says:

    :lol: Nice list…I actually forgot about your really little little toe.

  4. Karin says:

    Hello Sussielief, ek het nogal gedink aan ‘n tattoo die laaste tyd – ek wed jou jy’s geskok? ha ha ha, so miskien moet ons saam gaan?

  5. Marieks, this made me laugh out loud. Love it :)
    I’m so glad to have you in my life!

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