i have nothing to write about

My writer’s block has arrived, my word mojo is gone, I have no inspiration for a post. But I can talk shit for hours, so surely I must be able to write shit for a few minutes.

So if you want to stop right here, and not read another word, I’ll absolutely understand, and won’t feel offended at all. Ok, maybe a little, but that’s just my own issues, so again, please don’t force yourself to keep on reading.

I had a busy day today, but it feels like I’ve done nothing. I had to meet a bride-to-be at the plaza to choose her fabric, I went grocery shopping, I saw clients for fittings, I breastfed baba while watching Californication (btw I’m totally hooked on this, can anyone tell me when season 4 starts?), I did the schoolrun, I ate all the right weigh-less food, I really feel like chocolate now, but won’t have any mainly because there is none in this house of mine, it’s amazing really, I have the best willpower while shopping, and will walk right past all the decadent sweet stuff, but when I get home I kick myself for not buying that chocolate, because now I really want it! I found a good substitute though, I make coffee with two sachets of vanilla canderel, it tastes like pudding, it is AWESOME!!! Just a tiny problem, I’m only allowed 3 cups of decaf a day, and today I’ve had my 3 cups! :(

So I only lost 0.6kg this week, but considering it was longweekend, that I lost anything is actually surprising. I thought I would be heavier again, but whoooohooooo, at least I lost something. Hopefully this week I can stay motivated.

I have made the coolest friends on Twitter, and @angelinafrica created a group for us on bbm, so now we can chat the whole day long, I love it! I love how quickly and easily they accepted me as part of their friendship, after just one real life meeting (@tamiya_t, @angelinafrica and I had lunch at Papachino’s one saturday, and I still have to meet @bananaramagirl). Thanks Lovely Ladies for that!

I have too much work at the moment. On the one hand I’m really blessed that the work just keep on streaming in, even so that I now have to say no to clients, but on the other hand I don’t always know how on earth I’m going to finish on time. But…I trust in God, and I know He always creates enough time for me to finish. It’s amazing really.

I’ve just realised how often I say “it’s amazing really” oops.
My highschool language teachers will have a fit if they read this. Hallo there Mrs ? and Mrs ?, and for the life of me I can’t remember either name now, shit, my memory sucks!!!!! This is going to bother me now until I remember! If I remember I’ll let you know.

Still can’t remember…..

Still nothing………

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, nope….

Ok, well whatever, guess I have a topic for my next post : forgotten names

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2 Responses to i have nothing to write about

  1. Fairy Girl says:

    Well done on the weight loss, I’ve decided to go back to that guy in North Cliff, probably go see him Wednesday or so.

  2. Thank YOU lovely lady :)

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