fixer upper

On saturday my husband sanded and sealed the wooden floors, and it looks amazing! Yesterday we moved all the furniture back, placed exactly how we want it, the old dining room is now a playroom for the boys, the lounge stayed, the dining room next to open plan kitchen, where we will actually use it, and the new study. My house is almost a home again, and I am so excited!

We’re just waiting for the bookcases, they’re coming on thursday, and then we have the whole longweekend to sort out all the study’s crap, and pack all the books in, and get the shed to look like a toolshed, and not a secondhandbookstore/scrapyard.

and then just to seal my stoepie in front of my studio, and the bench by the pool, and hang curtainrails and curtains…and we’re done.

The “iforgethowbaditistobuildwhilelivinginthehouse” hormone has allready kicked in.

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