preshool jitters

I’ve just given notice at my 3yr old son’s preschool. And the owner didn’t even ask why. I have very valid reasons, to which I’ll come in a minute, but I can’t believe she doesn’t want to know WHY? Isn’t she at least the littlest bit curious why I don’t think her school is good enough for my kid?

What bothers me so much is staffturnover. I don’t think they get paid very well, I know some of the assistants get only R1600 a month. If that is what the owner pays assistants, what does she pay the teachers?

So in the last two years, he’s had a total of 6 different teachers. He started with CurlyLongHair, who got fired after she hit a kid on the hand repeatedly. And then she was rehired to do admin. Why was she fired again?
Next up was CommonOldLady, who quit after two months because her knees just couldn’t handle a bunch of 2yr olds. Then the MostAmazingTeacher started, all mommies were soooo happy, at last someone with our kids’ best interests at heart, she loved and cuddled and played and taught, and then the year ended.

So this year he started in a new class, with VeryYoungButFullyQualified, wonderful with the kids, or so I at least thought, but can’t really relate to the parents. And then just when I realised she is not so wonderful with my kid, she resigned with immediate effect. When my son turned 3 in january he could count to 15, in june when she resigned, he struggled to count to 4. What did she do with them the whole time?

So then for a month, even though we still had to pay full price, the very lowly-paid assistant took over as teacher, and even though she’s lovely, and has loads of experience, she’s not qualified as anything. The school’s website clearly states all teachers are fully qualified?

In the month that she handled the class, everything seemed to go pearshape everywhere in the school, not her fault, just coincidende.
1. The school had a Rotavirus outbreak, closed for a friday accordingly to health department regulations, so that the whole school can be sterilised 3 times.
Why then when I drove by on the friday there was no-one there? And when we got to school on monday, they were furiously cleaning, and there were dustpiles everywhere? Somebody taking a long weekend?
2. According to a source, some parents complained about the veggies at lunch, apparantly all the kids get with their food everyday is pumpkin and sweetpotato. Well firsly sweetpotato is not a vegetable, it’s a starch, and secondly, then the owner apparantly then instructed the workers to please lie to parents and tell them the veggies for the day was not pumpkin(even though it was), it was broccoli/spinach whatever. Nice…
3. Then another teacher resigned, and those parents were informed that another assistant will take over the class for the rest of the year.WHAT!!!??? So everyone pays full price, the assistant takes teachers’ place, but still receive her measly pay, who will benefit from this decision?

My son’s best friend’s mom and I went looking at other schools, and yes, some are worse than what we have now, but we found two amazing schools where we would both send our kids anyday. Both charge less than current school per month, but pay their staff at least double what current school pay theirs, even though at new schools all teachers only work halfday(aftercare staff works in afternoons), and at current school the staff works 3 full days, and 2 half days.

For these reasons, and a few more, I gave notice, and my son will start at his new school 1st of october. Let’s pray I made the right decision, but I’ll keep you up to date:)
And now that everything is out of my system, I can relax, enjoy the last month or so, and stop complaining.
Here’s to hoping going to a new and unfamiliar school doesn”t freak out my son!

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2 Responses to preshool jitters

  1. Fairy Girl says:

    He will be fine at his new school, he makes maatjies so easy. Sorry to hear this I was not aware.

  2. Teaps says:

    Wow. A school like that would be closed down in the US in a heartbeat… Private or not. Are you sure you want to wait until October to pull your kid out? Either way, I think you’re doing a good thing for your son. Glad there are good moms out there who pay attention.

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