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fiy i have a pink house

Just a quick update on yesterday, first coat is on the whole house, and it’s a lovely shade of babypink! I was right! Hopefully paintplace will swap pink sandstone colour for one with brown undertone! Hold thumbs that secondcoat in … Continue reading

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last time i said “never again”

We’re building on an extra room that, once finished, will be the study. We’ve created this room out of what used to be the walkway between the house, and the cottage at the back of the house, where I work … Continue reading

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preshool jitters

I’ve just given notice at my 3yr old son’s preschool. And the owner didn’t even ask why. I have very valid reasons, to which I’ll come in a minute, but I can’t believe she doesn’t want to know WHY? Isn’t … Continue reading

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