my miracle baba

I have two beautiful lovable cute boys, but it hasn’t been the easiest ride getting here.

Son-X was part of twins, and between 7 and 12 weeks of pregnancy the other twin disappeared. It’s called Vanishing Twin Syndrome.

My second pregnancy at 7 weeks was perfect, little heartbeat and all. At 12 week scan there was no heartbeat, and the doctor calculated that the baby died at least 4 weeks before the scan. So I was happily pregnant, but actually not at all.

I had a D&C, and the doctor advised us to try again immediately. Three months later I was pregnant again. Because of things going wrong at 8 weeks in previous pregnancy, we only went for our first scan then, and again heartbreaking news, no heartbeat.

Doctor again said I could try again soon, but I chose to go on the pill instead. +- 5 months later I went off the pill, and…nothing happened. This time it took much longer to fall pregnant, but just as I was prepared to give up hope, I was late, and once again pregnant.

We went for a 7 week scan, and was very relieved to see a strong heartbeat. The day after the scan I started bleeding, rushed to the dr’s rooms, and wonders never cease, baby was still fine. I was put on bedrest and progestorone.
At 11 weeks I started bleeding again, and this time the bleeding didn’t stop for 5 whole weeks! And still baby was fine.
At 22 weeks I got bronchitis, went through two courses antibiotics, and landed up in hospital with bleeding (again), this time caused by all the coughing.
And then on the saturday night, just the day after I reached the 33 week mark my water broke. They tried to keep the baby in as long as possible, but by early wednesday morning I was in fullblown labour(it’s not for the fainthearted). Baba-V was born at 07:35 that morning, and immediately rushed of to the NICU. There he went from strength to strength, started picking up weight, he was only 2.2kg at birth, and a long 3 weeks later we could take him home, weighing a whole 2.4kg.

Baba-V is 3 months old now, I’m again breastfeeding exclusively like with son-X, he’s growing, weighs just over 5kg now, and smiling, laughing, gurgling away. My miracle baba.

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  1. Amazing how many babies are little miracles. If you have the time, go read the story of our twin in “the story of us” in my sidebar – also little miracles.

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