last time i said “never again”

We’re building on an extra room that, once finished, will be the study. We’ve created this room out of what used to be the walkway between the house, and the cottage at the back of the house, where I work from. What will be lovely once it’s all done, is that my studio will be connected to the house, via the new study, so when I have to work late, I don’t have to leave the safety of my home.

This all came about because I was expecting our second child, we needed to change current study back to a bedroom for him.
Needless to say, stuff never work out how you plan them, thus baba came early, and is now almost 3months old allready, and we’re only building now.

My sister made a joke and asked if I knew the 1-2-3 of building, one plan, twice the time, three times the cost. Well, not a joke then, because that is what’s happening.

So at the moment my whole house is in utter chaos, my diningroom is packed from floor to ceiling with boxes from the study, boxes full of books and papers and crap. Also in there all hubby’s tools, camping gear etc. My living area looks very peculiar, in one corner by the tv, the couches are all pushed together in a very small space. On the other side next to the kitchen, my other set of couches is stacked high with some more boxes, and covered by throws. My computer is on the kitchen counter, but covered in dust and a throw, luckily I have my trusted friend, the BB.

In my studio the one room is standing empty, carpet washed, anxiously awaiting the build-in shelves that’s arriving today, and not a moment too soon! I’ve been working out of the other half, drafting patterns, sewing, ironing and fitting clients in less than half my normal space for almost three weeks, and this being my busiest time of the year, with matricfarewell and wedding season, it has not been fun, or funny for that matter.

And even though I can move back into the currently empty half today, the clever painters took out my hooks for the curtain rod, so how am I supposed to fit clients with everything open for all to see? Lovely.

This morning they started painting the outside of the house. They are only halfway with the inside, so I don’t exactly know how their reasoning works, but hey, they’re supposed to know what they’re doing. Back to outside, I almost got a heartattack when I first saw the colour, hubby chose it, and it looks PINK! Little did I know it dries into a better shade of sandstone! So after phoning hubby and freaking out, calling over my neighbours for a second opinion, and spending some time inside breastfeeding baba, my heartrate is back to normal. Sjoe.

So this is my tale of living in utter chaos, with dust everywhere, not even being able to escape to work to get away from it all. Did I say there is dust EVERYWHERE?

I will keep you all updated on progress, my lovely stalkers.

Bye for now;)

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One Response to last time i said “never again”

  1. Fat Girl says:

    Hou uit en sterk wees, sussielief. My motto is: THIS TOO SHALL PASS.
    Your newest stalker!

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