how much i miss the music

There used to be this club, The Fridge, player of all alternative music. When I first went there, it was situated at the Gasworks in jhb, we used to go every single weekend, and dance the night away. I was still underage at that stage, but luckily for me it was difficult to guess my age, and they didn’t actually ask anyone for Id’s!

After school I moved to Pretoria to study, and so did The Fridge, lucky for me.

And again, I spent every weekend there, drinking copious amounts of cheap, too-sweet boxwine, dancing, hanging out with friends, and sometimes hugging the toiletbowl after consuming too much of said too-sweet wine.

And I miss the music. Listening to the same music in my lounge with the sound on fullblast just doesn’t sound the same. On the slightly downward angled dancefloor it felt like the music wrapped its arms around you, and lifted you up, you could feel the music, not just hear it.

And I miss the music.

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  1. Oh I remember Fridge!

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