house renovation update

Almost done, almost done, almost done….is what I keep chanting in my head.

5 weeks in, and we’re almost done. The painters are painting the last few windowframes, the cornices are up in new study, study is awaiting paint, my trusted domestic/nanny is coming tomorrow to give the house a much needed de-dusting, my shelves in my studio are being finished off as I’m typing this, and then all we have left is the parquet flooring in study, sanding and sealing the whole living area and study, and bookshelves in study.

Then comes the BIG springclean. The new shed at the back of my studio currently houses all my books etc from the study, and that needs to be sorted, then the old storeroom’s stuff can get organised and go into new shed, we must still seal my new stoepie in front of my studio, and new beautiful built-on bench at pool. And rearrange the whole house, playroom where diningroom was, diningroom where second unused lounge was, blah blah blah.

I can’t wait to have it all done, hopefully before the 6th of september, as hubby is leaving then on a business trip to Germany(lucky bastard).

That’s all I have to say.

Ps if my little brother is reading this, I hope you fell asleep from boredom, and hit your head freaking hard against your keyboard! ;)

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